I’m Anne Devlin, owner and designer of Classiqu Era. 

This company is my life-long dream—welcome!

I’ve worked almost forty years in the Beverly Hills, California business of Luxury Fashion: buying, merchandising, and selling designer collections.


During that time, one void has consistently stood out to me and never been properly filled. How does today's woman find an affordable luxury dress, with sleeves, that will carry her to work and around town? 

In years past, well-made dresses were the largest part of a sophisticated woman's wardrobe. Highly crafted of beautiful fabrics and trims, they almost always had sleeves and jackets. They conveyed a sense of both confidence and distinction.


With the loss of classically styled day to evening dresses, a sense of grace has left women's fashion!    Classiqu Era has been built to bring that back.  With a bow to high fashion designers of the past century, these dresses make a woman feel like what she is: a confident, capable, sophisticated lady.



Two great women: my Mothers...