I’m Anne Devlin, owner and designer of Classiqu Era. 

This company is my life-long dream—welcome!

I’ve worked almost forty years in the Beverly Hills, California business of Luxury Fashion: buying, merchandising, and selling designer collections.


During that time, one void has consistently stood out to me and never been properly filled. How does today's woman find a lovely dress, with sleeves, that will carry her to work and around town? 

In years past, dresses were the largest part of a woman's wardrobe. Highly crafted of beautiful fabrics and trims, they almost always had sleeves, and conveyed a sense of both confidence and distinction.


With the loss of beautiful day to evening dresses, a sense of grace has largely left women's fashion!

Classiqu Era is my collection of exquisite, high-quality dresses that offer style and distinction.

Taking inspiration from beautiful vintage pieces, my dresses make a woman feel like what she is: a confident, capable, sophisticated lady.



Two great women: my Mothers...

Anne Devlin