Love Your Body Fashion Show!!

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

So it's Spring, is it? Not quite. Still pretty cold and rainy here in California, but then that's not saying much. We ARE the land of sunshine, for the most part, not as, much as Florida, we have that oft spoken of DRY heat. Yeah, in the summer, it's sometimes akin to a blowtorch....

But I digress! Classiqu Era hits the runway on March 31, at the 5th annual Love Your Body Event at the Luxe Hotel on Sunset Blvd, Hollywood! I'm attaching the link here.

LYB is the wonderful work of Karen Michelle, who owns the Karen Michelle boutique on Robertson Blvd, in Los Angeles.

Karen Michelle, Entrepreneur, Boutique Owner & Creator of Destiny Candle, designed LYB Events to bring women of all kinds together.

Karen believes that all women are beautiful and has brought this event to life to give each and every one of them the confidence they need to achieve all that they dare to dream. A place where women & girls can enjoy a Red-Carpet Event, watch or star in a runway fashion show, get some shopping done and make new friends.

LYB is an event that empowers Women & Girls of all sizes, ages, shapes & ethnicities to be who they want to be.

I'm thrilled to have been invited to participate in this wonderful day! It's SO vitally important that we imbue our girls with the knowledge that they are beautiful, strong, smart, and capable young women. After all, they are our next generation of leaders, and we need them!

One of my fondest wishes with Classiqu Era is that we can be a philanthropic company as we grow. My plan is that my dresses can help young women to get a great start, and help women seeking employment be well dressed and prepared. This is a terrific way for me to get mine, and C.E.'s feet wet!

Come join us on March 31st, and have a great time with our girls!

Love, Anne